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Discover the captivating story that gave birth to Second Hand Guitar, a store anchored in the music world for two decades. Our journey began as a gaming lounge for passionate guitarists, created with the aim of offering them the opportunity to test the most beautiful guitars in the world in a welcoming and inspiring setting.

Over the years, this gaming lounge has evolved into a true musical temple in Lausanne, Switzerland, under the name Muzic Shop / Guitar's Café. With a vision focused on quality, we have transformed ourselves into a music store specializing in guitars, welcoming musicians from all walks of life.

Our commitment to musical excellence extends beyond selling exceptional guitars. We also pride ourselves on offering violin making services, ensuring that every instrument that passes through our hands receives the necessary care and attention. From restoration to customization, our team of dedicated luthiers ensures that each guitar lives up to its maximum musical potential.

In addition to our passion for music and our expertise in violin making, we also offer property valuation services. Whether evaluating your guitar collection or obtaining information on a particular instrument, we are here to provide you with accurate estimates based on our in-depth market knowledge.

At Second Hand Guitar, we're celebrating two decades of dedication to music, authenticity, and the guitar community. Browse our online site, learn about our history, explore our collection of carefully selected used guitars, and join us on this musical adventure where the past meets the present, and every note resonates with a rich story.

Why Buy a Used Guitar?

Mature Sound:

One of the most exciting aspects of purchasing a used guitar is the exceptional sound quality these instruments provide. Guitars, like musical works of art, evolve over the years, developing a unique richness of sound due to constant vibrations, temperature variations and the complex interaction between wooden components.

Opting for a used guitar allows you to enjoy a mature sound, deeply rooted in the history of the instrument. The wood that makes up the body of the guitar has had time to mature and resonate, producing rich, complex tones that can be difficult to reproduce on a new guitar. Every note played resonates with unique depth and warmth, creating an authentic sound experience.

When playing a used guitar, you benefit from exceptional sound quality that evokes the many melodies that have been performed over the years. The subtle nuances of the mature sound add an artistic dimension to each chord, providing the musician with an expressive and distinct sonic palette.

In summary, buying a used guitar offers much more than just an instrument; it is the opportunity to own a piece of musical history, where the mature sound becomes the silent narrator of a symphony of past experiences. A used guitar transcends time, offering musical accompaniment imbued with authenticity and sonic depth.

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