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made in USA

model signature: Stevie Ray Vaughan

special: gold

type: number one

Like a 62 re-issue

neck: oval

serial nr: SZ93869XX

year: 2009

pickup: 3 Single-coil Texas Specials; they are over-wound for a big Texas-blues tone

neck: rosewood board

frets: jumbo

color: body finished in an early '60s style Sunburst

The reverse vintage-style tremolo bridge is gold plated to match the other hardware, Vaughan is said to have preferred the left-handed (or upside-down) tremolo because its placement on a right-handed guitar was more like the arrangement used by Jimi Hendrix with the trem arm above the strings rather than below them.

top original guitar with very SRV sound!

Fender stratocaster USA SRV gold

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