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year 1974

serial number 577460


weight 2,5kg

Bridge : Schaller

Original guitar : only bridge not original : Schaller

pickups : 2 original humbuckers

Killer 1974 Fender Telecaster Deluxe in excellent condition featuring two original Seth Lover designed ‘Wide Range’ humbuckers, attractive factory natural finish. The guitar was bought from the original owner some years ago and imported over from Waco, Texas.

Introduced in 1973 alongside the newly revamped Thinline and Custom Telecasters models the Telecaster Deluxe was aimed at providing players with the popular ‘Humbucker’ sound in the familiar Telecaster package. The Deluxe was billed as the top model in the Telecaster range and as such featured a host of new features. It had a 21 fret neck with larger  headstock, micro tilt neck adjustment, Stratocaster style body contour with early models being offered with a tremolo.  The pickups were designed by Ex-Gibson employee Seth Lover, the man responsible for creating the Humbucking pickup for Gibson. The Telecaster Deluxe remained in the Fender Line up until the early 1980’s before being briefly discontinued alongside the Telecaster Custom.

Fender telecaster Deluxe vintage 1974

€5,900.00 Regular Price
€5,700.00Sale Price
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