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telecaster plus



MIM = Mexico

2 humbuckers USA Seymours Duncan Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA

The Hot Rails for Tele set will transform your Telecaster into a fire breathing beast with an unapologetic, mean sound thats got the power of a set of full-sized high-output humbuckers. The lead pickup uses a powerful ceramic magnet, dual steel blades, and over wound coils combine to provide a raw, heavy tone with amazing sustain. The rich midrange harmonics and tight low end give it a crunch that makes this pickup great for all types of rock and metal.

The matching Hot Rails Tele Rhythm pickup fights back with full, warm humbucker tone in a size that drops right into your stock pickup slot. It delivers smooth tone for rhythm playing, and fat single notes for lead work.

Sn MX16722475 Mexico

Fender telecaster plus, with 2 Humbucker Pickups Hot Rails Seymour Duncan

€950.00 Regular Price
€890.00Sale Price
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