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Melody Maker


serial nummer 01418067X

made in USA

pickup: 2 x DiMarzio, 1 x Humbucker DiMarzio

mechanic: sperzel

neck: sandblasted

refinish: black relic

some farts

Gibson Melody maker customized by the previous owner with 3 DiMarzio pickups, this guitar is clearly in the style and the Metal sound, very pleasant to play, made for a player.

Gibson Lespaul Melody Maker Metal modified

€950.00 Regular Price
€850.00Sale Price
  • This guitar which has become hot over the years is more pleasant to play than a new so-called cold guitar.

    Most of the great guitarists use guitars that are years old or vintage because everything is rounded off by repeated manipulations on the neck which makes it easier to play.

    Drier woods give better resonance and therefore sustain a warmer sound.

    This is therefore a great advantage for this guitar which is unique.

    This guitar is more valuable than a new guitar and will be even more valuable in the future. It is therefore a good investment.

    All guitars offered for sale on have been tested by our professional guitarists and some like this one are sent with the official certificate ""

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